Semblence No.7


Semblence No.7


Semblance: Noun

1. Outward aspect of appearance
2. An assumed or unreal appearance; show.
3. The slightest appearance or trace.
4. A likeness, image, or copy.
5. A spectral appearance; apparition.

I am interested in how the human mind is hardwired to find reason and meaning. Devoid of colour these images are limited in their contextual cues making the mind wonder. Making the viewer see what they may derived from the observer's personal experience. 

Hand made archival platinum palladium print.

Limited edition of 100, signed and numbered in pencil reverso. Full paper size is 10x12in, image size approximately 6.5x7.6in (19X17cm).

This printing method requires the sensitising of the paper by hand so the border will vary for each print.

Including shipping and handling.

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This is a Platinum and Palladium Print created on Bergger Cot 320 paper. Platinum prints are known for their great tonal ranges and archival permanence. This process also yields a completely matte appearance since the metals are absorbed into the paper. When created they can have the opportunity to last for over a thousand years, provided the paper keeping the image stays together. Platinum printing was invented back in 1873 and the prints created from that time period still look as when they were first made. Each print is a completely unique object that can never be reproduced exactly, due to the myriad of variables from chemistry, humidity and hand coating of the paper. Collectors are attracted to Platinum Prints because of their great range of tonality, its surface quality and long term permanence.