The human mind is a very curious thing. It can associate emotions and personalities to lifeless objects and shapes. This is a collection of such an observation. These little pairs fallen in love.   
 Semblance: Noun  1. Outward aspect of appearance 2. An assumed or unreal appearance; show. 3. The slightest appearance or trace. 4. A likeness, image, or copy. 5. A spectral appearance; apparition.  I am interested in how the human mind is hardwired to find reason and meaning. Devoid of colour these images are limited in their contextual cues making the mind wonder. Allowing the viewer see what they may based on their personal experiences. 
Agave attenuata
 This is an ongoing study of our relationship with light. Photons which are visual representations of the quantum world, created within a star, and have taken hundreds of thousands of years to get to our eyes. This is a series highlighting the positive and negative relationship of light to create patterns and forms. 
 These are a collection of images which remind me of home.  Reminds me of when I was a child. Looking out the window silently. Observing and hearing the soft raining on the car windows creating abstracts of the passing green landscape.  
Archetype #1
 These images are of dioramas at the Natural History Museum in New York. These arrangements give me an uneasy feeling as to what future generations will have and the ability to experience these beautiful animals in a natural setting.